About Us

Our group invites participation from all members of the public who agree with these medical and scientific principles: that we should use evidence, reason and fairness as the principal means to address the issues facing society, in order to achieve the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people on a long term basis.

We are located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month.

5.30pm - biscuits, coffee/tea
6.00pm - presentation
6.45pm - discussion
7.15pm - meeting concludes - enthusiastic participants are encouraged to continue discussion over dinner (details on the Next Meeting page).

Next Meeting

Venue: Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Boardrooms, 134 Whitmore St (Swann Rd end), Taringa. Go to reception (off upper car park) signs will direct from there.

Parking is available on site (upper car park- anywhere there is a space or lower car parks in the non reserved spaces).There's also plenty of nearby on-street parking (with no meters/time limit) at that time of day.

Who should attend: Any intelligent person interested in the common good.

Cost: FREE!


About this web site

Past meetings gives details of past presentations and where available, presentations of the slides relating to that talk. These are also available in PDF format.

Downloads contains information relating to presentations relating to Environmental and important social issues along with humour and political satire. These are either slide shows with optional PDF download or in PDF format alone.

Contents Index has an alphabetical listing of the entire site contents for easy navigation.