Environmental and important social issues

Dr Philip Bangerter - Thorium Nuclear Power - what it can and cannot offer. (May 2011)

Dr Geoffrey Chia - The Gaia Village Project - (PDF)
Dr Geoffrey Chia - Suggested information pamphlet on which to base the Australian Citizenship Test. ( January 2009) - (PDFv3)
Dr Geoffrey Chia - Letter to Kate Jones regarding plastic bags (June 2009)
Dr Geoffrey Chia - Letter to Larissa Waters -The Greens (August 2010)
Dr Geoffrey Chia - Taking the Red Pill: The consequences of Petroleum Addiction and Unsustainability. (September 2010)
Dr Geoffrey Chia - A "nested doll" analogy to represent our attempts to halt biodiversity loss (May 2011)
Dr Geoffrey Chia - Peak Oil and the great unraveling (of modern industrial economies). (July 2011)
Dr Geoffrey Chia -An idea whose time has come: A 24 hour ABC TV channel dedicated entirely to sustainability issues. (Oct 2011)

Dr Ralph Cobcroft - Human Fertiliser (September 2011)
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Neil Davidson - Making it happen..... The role of social entrepreneurship in creating a better future
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Alina Dini - Electric Vehicles (July 2010)
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Martin Ferguson / Dr Geoffrey Chia - Correspondence with Martin Ferguson relating to Peak Oil

Friends of the Earth (November 09)
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Ken Hickson - Electric Vehicles (July 2010)
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Dr Phillip Machanick - Dealing with global warming deniers (December 09)
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Dr Paul Martin - Electric Bikes (November 2010)
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Dr Richard Mochelle - Designing the Future an introduction to rurban design - Part 1: designing to live within carrying capacity limits. (August 2010)

Dr Jane O'Sullivan - Submission to the Energy White Paper Process from Sustainable Population Australia to the Federal Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. (May 2009)
Dr Jane O'Sullivan - Feeding 9 billion (August 2011) Slide presentation

Tristan Peach - Transport infrastructure in a petroleum depleted world. (July 08)
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Luke Reade - Zero Carbon Australia (December 2010)
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Dr Richard Sanders - The Earth has a Rising Fever: Is Carbon Trading the Right Medicine?
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Don Saxby - Electric vehicles (July 2010)
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Dr. Bob Sutherst - Adaptation of biological systems to climate change.
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Graeme Taylor - Evolutions Edge - the coming collapse and transformation of our world
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Wally Wight - Peak Oil (June 2010)
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Dr Doone Wyborn - Enhanced Geothermal Systems: the answer to Australia's requirement for large scale base load clean power. (March 2010)
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Humour and political satire section

Icecubes in rockets: A Future History of Human Folly

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